Nonprofit Cyber Security Risks

by Karen Revels, Program Manager, Rollins College Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership Center

As a nonprofit, we love when the news picks up a feature story about our cause, our programs or a human interest story that relates to the impact we make in the community.  However, not all news coverage is good coverage.  Think about the cyber security nightmares that are in the news frequently from corporate America: Home Depot, Apple, Sony and others; data breaches of our personal information.  These data breaches are far reaching and continue to be a cause for concern.  The news stories about those instances are not positive.  Fingers get pointed and customer satisfaction declines.

As nonprofit organizations, the next news story related to cyber security could be about our industry.  We don’t want to read about a nonprofit organization having donors’ credit cards compromised or confidential information about the clients we serve being stolen.  That would impact the entire sector and the trust we have established with our donors.  This is a real risk and one that the nonprofit community needs to spend time discussing and managing, before it becomes newsworthy.  Your reputation depends on it.    This article discusses some steps you can start taking today to minimize your risks.


About Rollins Edyth Bush Institute

The Edyth Bush Institute for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership at Rollins College was established to strengthen the impact, effectiveness, and leadership of nonprofit and philanthropic organizations through education and management assistance.
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